Architectural trends for 2021 – Nufail Shabana

Architectural trends for 2021 – Nufail Shabana

Nufail Shabana architects in Calicut is back with yet another read that will help our readers & fellow architects to know about the architectural trends that one need to look for in 2021.

We hope you’ll love this read & will help you know more about the latest trends in architectural designs & layouts.

Let’s get started.

Architectural trends for 2021 – Nufail Shabana(Architects in Calicut)

  • Housing architecture in the Industrial style – 

Architecture in industrial style is characterised as a combination of wood, iron, aluminium & even recycled plastic at a reduced cost. The simple lines & absence of surface elements are also characteristic of industrial style. 

The industrial style of architecture is an asymmetrical form in construction i.e both in residential & in urban infrastructures. 

  • Smart Homes & Home Automation – 

Time has changed and automation systems are increasingly in demand. As smart homes help you control the temperature, light or security of homes. 

A smart home helps you control the consumption bills & gives you greater comfort. 

  • Open & multipurpose spaces designs – 

The concept of a room & architectural interests are changing to redefine spaces. The integration of the kitchen & living room is the most common. 

Or the integration of the living room with the terrace, the living room with the bedroom also can be an example of multipurpose spaces designs in architectural designs & layouts. 

  • The Kitchen –

The kitchen in today’s times can be termed as the protagonist. The kitchen from the very beginning has been a centre of attraction & has always been a place where we spent most of our time.

And, so in 2021 we can implement small changes in the kitchen by increasing its dimensions & connecting it with the dining room and the living room thus implementing the concept of multipurpose spaces in architecture. 

  • Bathrooms – 

The concept of the bathroom is changing. Bathrooms are no longer solely the space dedicated to personal care. In today’s time, the bathroom has become a space relaxing after a stressful day. 

The bathroom in today’s time can be defined as a place where we disconnect ourselves from the outside world. 

The trends in bathrooms include- 

  • Coatings in very light or white colours, 
  • Tiles that facilitate cleaning and transmit calm and serenity. 
  • The showers become an important & integral part of modern bathrooms, either it can be a hydro-massage cabin or a shower with screen.

It’s necessary to look for the correct dimensions so that its use is comfortable for everyone.

  • Less noise & light –

In modern times the architectural construction should keep an eye on the noise & light the noise can be reduced using distributions & materials to reduce the noise.

But, at the same time, the architectural technology is designed in such a way that the building receives & takes maximum advantage of the natural light from the sun. 

Then there are some trends like artificial lighting that matches the most natural means that can be integrated with the natural means of lights. 

The above listed are some of the trends that one must look for in architectural technology. We’ll be posting more of such reads in the coming days.

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